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Crying Out To The Father – A study of God’s Fatherhood

The GoodLion Podcast is excited to bring you this special episode featuring a sermon from Aaron Salvato. Aaron recently preached at Calvary Chapel Vista on Psalm 86, a psalm that speaks to the fatherhood of God.

In this sermon, Aaron delves into the tenderness and care with which God relates to us as his children. He shares his own experiences as a new father and the ways in which becoming a father has given him a deeper appreciation for the love and care of God.

Aaron believes that many young Christians have lost sight of the fatherly love of God, and he encourages his listeners to cry out to God and seek to reconnect with him in this way. As you listen to this sermon, take time to reflect on your own relationship with God as your father. Consider the ways in which you can deepen your connection with him and experience his love and care in your life. Let this sermon be a reminder of the tenderness and compassion of God, and the importance of crying out to him in times of need.

We hope that this sermon will encourage and inspire you in your own journey of faith.

Thank you for tuning in to the GoodLion Podcast, and don’t forget to join us next time for more thought-provoking content.

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