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The Dangers of Theology Gone Wrong – (Dr. Gerry Breshears) – Disunity, Division, & Deconstruction

In part 2 of our short series on theology, Dr. Gerry Breshears (Western Seminary) helps us understand the dangers of theology gone wrong. Gerry is an amazing theological mind and a fan favorite of the show. In part one, we defined theology and talked about why it's essential for discipleship. In this episode, we'll discuss how theology can at times become an idol.

We'll start by asking a tough question: If all Christians have the Holy Spirit, why are there so many theological differences? We'll also explore how we can find unity in the midst of theological diversity and hear from Gerry about how God changed his heart to be more open to those who disagreed with him.

Gerry will share his insights on how to approach theology with humility, curiosity, and a willingness to learn from others. We'll also look at the dangers of theology gone wrong when it becomes a burden on the learner, leading to crises of faith, doubt, and deconstruction. Gerry will share his perspective on how we can help those who are struggling through doubt and deconstruction, and for those who want to study theology but feel overwhelmed, he'll provide some practical tips on how to approach theology with care and discernment.

So, join us as we deep dive into these tough questions and explore the dangers of theology gone wrong. If you haven't heard the previous episode, make sure to go back and listen to part one. Let's dive back in and pick up the conversation where it left off last time with Dr. Gerry Breshears.

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