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Wake Up To The Story – Resisting Apathy pt.1

Part one of a new series by GoodLion Ministries called “Resisting Apathy”. Aaron and Brian speak into the problem of apathy in the Christian life, noting how it is a problem that is born out of complacency and a disconnect from Christ. 

Christian apathy is defined as a lack of interest or concern for the things of God. It is a problem that plagues the church and keeps people from truly following Jesus.  As two former youth pastors, Aaron and Brian have seen so many young Christians ride the roller coaster of faith, swinging from “on fire for Christ” to “burned out on religion” and “disconnected from God.” 

When people are complacent, they are content with where they are in their relationship with God. They are not interested in growing or changing. This can lead to a disconnect from the Christian community and from Jesus.   Apathy is also a problem because it leads to a complacency about sin. When people are not interested in the things of God, they are also not interested in repenting of their sin. This can lead to a life marked by sin and a lack of fruitfulness.   If you are struggling with apathy, it is important to understand that you are not alone. Many Christians struggle with this issue. However, there is hope!

Aaron and Brian discuss how vital it is to start your journey of resisting apathy with reconnecting with the story of Christianity itself. The story of God. Once you recapture this story, and find your place within it, your journey away from apathy and towards a revitalized faith truly begins.

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