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What Exactly IS the GoodLion Podcast?

The GoodLion Podcast is a show that explores the intersection of faith and culture. Hosts Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins have been doing the show for 8 seasons and have built a loyal audience of young adults and youth who are hungry for authentic conversations about spirituality and the world around them.

In this episode, Aaron addresses a question that they often get from new listeners: “What is the GoodLion Podcast?” He explains that the he and Brian see the show as a platform for open and honest discussions about the Christian faith and how it relates to the issues that young people face in their daily lives. They believe that these are important conversation to have, as many young people are struggling to make sense of their faith in a world that is constantly changing and challenging them.

Through the show, Aaron and Brian have seen God use their conversations to minister to people and help them grow in their faith. Aaron shares some of the ways that the GoodLion Podcast has been a ministry to their audience, including providing a sense of community and support for young people who may be feeling isolated in their faith. He also discusses how they have launched GoodLion Ministries as a way to grow what God is doing through GoodLion.

Overall, this episode of the GoodLion Podcast is a great introduction to the show for those who are curious about what it’s all about. Whether you’re a long-time listener or just discovering the show for the first time, this episode will give you a better understanding of the heart and vision of the GoodLion Podcast and the ways that God is using it to minister to young people and help them grow in their faith.

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