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Hypocrisy Hurts Our Witness. Humility Heals It – Nick Cady

Aaron talks with Nick Cady all about the problem of Christian hypocrisy, how it is harming the church, and how it shatters the witness of the Christian Church. Nick speaks from the heart and shares about a book he wrote called "The God I Won't Believe In: Facing Nine Common Barriers To Embracing Christianity", specifically from a chapter entitled "I can't believe in a God who creates hateful and hypocritical followers." Aaron and Nick discuss…
GoodLion Ministries
March 24, 2022

Waging Peace on Social Media: Lessons From The Comment Section

In an age where tech dominates our lives, we spend so much time on social media. Christians need to face the facts. Whether we like it or not, social media is a big part of the public square of the day, and for the Christian called to represent Jesus and to help point others to Him, in many situations, social media can either make or break our Christian witness. In this episode, Aaron discusses lessons…
GoodLion Ministries
March 8, 2022

Evan Wickham: Hope for Doubters & Deconstructionists

Why are Millennials and GenZ kids who grew up in the Church leaving in droves? How can we reach people struggling with doubt and deconstruction? Evan Wickham, pastor of Park Hill Church in San Diego, has a lot of perspective to offer on this topic. Between his time as a youth pastor, traveling worship leader, and spending years pastoring in Portland (a culture hostile to the Christian faith), Evan has seen his fair share of…
GoodLion Ministries
June 11, 2021

Abortion, Christians, & The Value of a Life (with Ryan Lynn)

Abortion is a hot button topic that is often debated by both Christians and non Christians. Ryan Lynn (Founder of the Speak Life Collective) is here to challenge us on how we can think through this divisive topic as followers of Christ. In this discussion, Aaron and Brian dialogue with Ryan about the value of an unborn life, how to respond to those who hold pro-choice views, what it means to be pro-life, the ethics…

Warnings About Progressive Christianity (Repost from Can I Say That?)

Aaron gets invited to come onto Brenna Blain's podcast "Can I Say That?", a podcast that tackles tough topics around Christianity and faith. In the episode, Aaron speaks with Brenna about the topic of Progressive Christianity. What is progressive Christianity? What are some common held beliefs of those who would consider themselves to be progressive Christians? Why is this an important topic to study? Like most things we talk about on the show, we tried…
GoodLion Ministries
February 24, 2021

The Way We Win – A Response To The Events at the U.S. Capitol

The way to win is not through violence, revolution, or political power. The way to win is through the person of Jesus, and for Christ followers our strategy is laid out all throughout scripture. This is how you win: Remember that our leader Jesus has overcome the world, the battle is already won. (John 16:33) Do not use violence as a method of bringing about God’s kingdom. He who lives by the sword dies by…
GoodLion Ministries
January 11, 2021

Dealing With The Change of Covid

Shaviane Abiel leads us through a devotional look at all the challenging changes we have been facing in our lives this year. We hope this episode helps you draw closer to God and seek him in the midst of the storm. --- Send in a voice message:
GoodLion Ministries
November 17, 2020

5 Ways to Re-Center on Jesus When The World Seems Crazy

Aaron & Brian are back together to talk about 5 practical ways to Re-Center ourselves on Jesus (when the world seems crazy.) In all the insanity, loss, and change of 2020, many of us have felt distant from God, or like we've lost our focus on our purpose. Aaron and Brian walk us through these ideas: Return to Scripture Get back into Prayer (and pray purposefully) Less Screen-Time and Phone-Time Meditate on Jesus Serve Others…
GoodLion Ministries
November 11, 2020

No Matter Who Wins, Jesus Is King

As we wait for election results, Aaron wrestles through his own doubts, anxieties, and fears around the effects of political ideologies and parties on both the Church and the world, the uncomfortableness of being "politically homeless", and delivers a message of hope about the reality that "If Jesus is King, that changes everything." Show Links: - Join the GoodLion Community on Discord! - Submit questions that you want Brian and Aaron to answer or make…
GoodLion Ministries
November 4, 2020