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Progressive Dispensationalism, Eschatology Reimagined – With Dr. Darrell Bock

Welcome, theology nerds and seekers! On this season 9 finale, we're diving deep into the world of dispensationalism. Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a fresh-faced learner, we've got something for you!

Our guests are Mike Dente, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Paris, France, and Professor Darrell Bock from Dallas Theological Seminary. We discuss everything from the distinctions between Israel and ethnic Israel, the Church, and political Israel, to progressive and traditional dispensationalism. We're unraveling the complex tapestry of God's divine program, one thread at a time.

We dive into the pivotal covenants God has made, and seek to understand how these manage His divine program. We also discuss the interplay between covenantal theology and dispensationalism, and what this means for our understanding of the Bible's multi-dimensional nature.

We also explore the complexities of identifying God's people (is it Israel, or the Church?), examine the reconciliation of one people of God, and discuss the mission of redemption for Jews and Gentiles alike.

We also address the relevance of prophecy update church services… Yes, we're going there!

We dig into the ethical implications of judgment and rapture in the dispensationalism context, offering insights on compassionate interpretation and the importance of living out your faith. Plus, we discuss the potential dangers of viewing those who do not share our faith as enemies rather than a mission field.

In the second half of the episode, we ask Dr. Bock to engage with an article by Scot McKnight, as well as the teachings of NT Wright. You definitely don't want to miss this!


(00:00:00) – Intro: What is Progressive Dispensationalism? 

(00:09:35) – Exploring Covenantal and Dispensational Theology 

(00:25:36) – Who are God's People? 

(00:38:04) – Newspaper Theology & Prophecy Updates: Helpful, or Harmful? 

(00:48:22) – Is the Amillennial View a Theologically Liberal Interpretation? 

(00:57:50) – Engaging with Scott McKnight: ”The Late Great Dispensationalism?” 

(01:16:05) – N.T. Wright and Inaugurated Eschatology

(01:23:36) – Common Grace and Cultural Engagement for the Dispensationalist

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