GoodLion Ministries

Seeking the God who is not safe, but is very good.

Pointing to Christ and His Kingdom

We live in a postmodern, post-Christian age. Christianity is dwindling, secularism is rising, and the faith of many is being shipwrecked on the rocks of doubt and deconstruction.

It’s into this world that GoodLion was born.

It started with two youth pastors with a heart to see young people caught in the storm of modern culture find an anchor in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The name GoodLion comes from C.S. Lewis’ classic Narnia stories. The child Lucy asks if Aslan is a safe lion, and to this the woodland creatures respond… “Safe? Of course he’s not safe… he’s a lion! But he’s good.”

It’s our deepest desire for people everywhere to encounter this Jesus, the God who is not safe but is very good.

We want to see people break free from apathy. We want to help doubting Thomases see the holes in the hands of Christ. We want to help people move from a place of cheap grace and easy-believism to radical discipleship. We want to raise up powerful peacemakers in a hostile and divided culture.

Most of all, we want to help people live their lives for the Kingdom of God.

We are GoodLion, and we are glad you are here.

Who we are.

Aaron Salvato

Aaron spent over a decade sheperding youth ministry students in the Way of Jesus. He has served as a middle school pastor, high school pastor, and Bible College teacher. He currently works as Content Strategist / Podcasting Director at Calvary Global Network.

Aaron describes himself as having the heart of a pastor and the hands of an artist, which he expresses in a drive for creating Gospel-centered content through podcasts, writing, videos, and theological courses. He is an avid reader, lifelong learner, and dedicated Bible teacher. Aaron is passionate about helping young people navigate our post-Christian culture, prioritizing the ministry of peacemaking in a divided world. Aaron is most happy when he is mentoring others on their journey with Christ.

Aaron lives in Oklahoma with his best friend Brooklynn and their new son, Jack. His favorite ministry role so far is husband/father.

Brian Higgins

Brian has served as a pastor, teacher, and discipler for nearly 15 years. Previously, he worked as a Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge and as the Director of Admissions for Calvary Chapel Bible College. Currently, Brian is leading a small group seeking to plant a church in Central New Jersey.

Brian’s main ministry passion is personal discipleship, helping people enjoy and embrace the lifestyle of Jesus. He works to do this through podcasting, writing, preaching, and one-on-one mentorship. Brian loves to see a new generation of Christians learn to live like Jesus so they can experience and advance God’s Kingdom.

Brian lives in New Jersey with his incredible wife Tori and their newborn son Nathan.

Aaron and Brian met in 2017, founded the GoodLion Podcast Network, and now serve together researching, writing, and creating content to help young people walk with Jesus.

We create resources and content to help people follow the Way of Jesus.

We want to walk with people through the complexities and challenges of faith in our age.

Our goal is to challenge you to think, learn, and grow in your apprenticeship to Jesus.


One of the core ways we serve the Church is by creating podcast content that is theological, educational, and focused on forming disciples in the way of Jesus.

Below you will find curated lists of our content.

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Theological Deep Dives

At the center of what Aaron & Brian do is a passion to go deeper, ask tough questions, avoid easy answers, and take time to wrestle through matters of faith.


Navigating Culture

Our current cultural moment is filled with many challenges and obstacles for the Christ Follower. Aaron & Brian attempt to navigate these chaotic waters with courage, commitment to truth, and a heart for peacemaking in a divided world.

Following Jesus

Our heart at GoodLion Ministries is that you would learn to walk the path of Christ. These episodes will help encourage you on your journey.

Hot Topics

Content speaking into some of the most challenging topics believers face today.



Episodes to help you as you serve Jesus, make disciples, and preach the Gospel.

Training – Preaching

Brian and Aaron are passionate about preaching, and both have spent their lives doing it both within the church and outside of it. This collection of episodes, including ones from Brian’s First Time Bible Teacher podcast, will help you grow as Bible teachers and proclaimers of the Gospel.

Training – Youth Ministry

Before they started GoodLion, Aaron and Brian spent their 20s as youth pastors. Currently they have a passion for mentoring young youth pastors/volunteers, and sharing from their experience and things Jesus has taught them about serving young people.


The team at GoodLion loves questions. We think the best thing you can do with your questions is wrestle through them with your fellow believers. In these episodes, we tackle questions sent in by listeners and do our best to help. We aren’t experts, but we are life-long learners who love helping fellow questioners find truth.


As lifelong learners, we have a passion to help shape the next generation of believers. We want to freely share with them what we have learned. Below you will find some of the free theology courses we have developed.

The Kingdom

11 part video series. 6 lessons + 5 student discussions. Learn what it means to seek first the Kingdom of God.

Biblical Justice

A balanced framework for how to view justice. Lessons from Acts ch 6.

The Way of the Peacemaker

Shepherding through social media. Learn practical tools for how to do ministry online while avoiding the traps of hostility and division.

More Resources From Our Library

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The team at GoodLion loves questions. We think the best thing you can do with your questions is wrestle through them with your fellow believers. In these episodes, we tackle questions sent in by listeners and do our best to help. We aren’t experts, but we are life-long learners who love helping fellow questioners find truth.

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Aaron and Brian love preaching and teaching the scriptures and helping people grow in their passion and love for Jesus and the Kingdom.

Both Aaron and Brian have spent many years preaching to youth ministries, Bible college classrooms, young adults ministries, churches, camps, and conferences.

They are as comfortable speaking to rooms of 10 as they are rooms of 500.

A big part of what we love to do at GoodLion is invite people into discussion.
We love leading discussions and Q&A after we preach to help people go deeper.

If you’d be interested in having Aaron and Brian speak at your event, please let us know!

We can be booked individually, but we love working together as a package deal, much more fun.

We don’t charge to speak. The Gospel is our mission, not our side hustle! You are free to donate an offering to support what we do, but we don’t have rates and we aren’t afraid to work for free. We only ask that our travel expenses are covered.

Note: Due to both of us having newborns, we are less likely to be open to traveling outside of our home states of Oklahoma and New Jersey in 2022, but we’d love to work with you in 2023 and beyond, and are also open to creating video content for your event, or speaking virtually at your event, big or small.