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Navigating The Highs and Lows of Faith – Why do I feel close to Jesus one day, and distant the next?

Aaron and Brian take some time to answer a great question from a friend: "Why do I feel closer than ever to Jesus one day, and then other days I feel so distant I hardly remember I'm a Christian?" We believe this is a real, raw, and valid question that gets to the heart of what so many Christ-followers face: the roller coaster of faith. We would be the first to admit, we have experienced…
GoodLion Ministries
December 20, 2021

Navigating Change – With Sarah Yardley

Most people struggle with change. When we go through major change in a short period of time, it can easily overwhelm us. Learning to navigate change well is crucial to follow Jesus well in a constantly changing world. In this episode, Aaron and Brian sit down with Sarah Yardley, Mission and Ministry Lead at Creation Fest UK and author of MORE > Change: Navigating Change With An Unchanging God. Sarah’s life story has included a…
GoodLion Ministries
November 16, 2021

Why You Should Rest – Season 6 Finale

As Aaron and Brian get ready to go on an official break, they reflect on the importance of rest, the pitfalls of workaholism in ministry, and the call of Jesus to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives and embrace a lifestyle of resting in Christ as we live and serve with Him.
GoodLion Ministries
August 25, 2021

The Simple Gospel

Have you ever wondered if you are actually saved? if Jesus' work on the cross was enough to really save you? Have you ever been discouraged about how sometimes the Gospel can seem so complicated, and there seems to be a ton of hurdles you must clear before you can truly be saved? If you've wondered these things... this message is for you. Aaron takes a look at the Simple Gospel as taught by Paul…

Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt – The Story of Doubting Thomas

In this GoodLion midweek message Aaron shares with us about the evil twin brother of faith - doubt. Doubt is not a very fun topic to talk about because it's not something that's often very accepted at church... but it's something vitally important the church talks about and engages with. We need to see how Jesus responds to those who doubt. What better character to study on this topic than the man known as "doubting…

Faith, Hope, & Love – 1 Cor 13 (Midweek Message)

GoodLion is starting an online young adults ministry! Aaron preaches the first message on the importance of Faith, Hope, & Love in a world desperate for all three. - GoodLion Ministries is an online young adults discipleship group that focuses on helping young people follow the way of Jesus. We meet monday nights 6PM pst, where we have sermons and discussion. If you're interested in joining, email Aaron @
GoodLion Ministries
March 25, 2021

Strength In The Weak Places

No one wants to admit they are weak. Our culture puts a high value on strength. But even the strongest among us have weaknesses. Everyone does, even though we all try to mask it. In this episode, Aaron and Brian open up about their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, how they have effected them in life and ministry, and most importantly, how they have found strength in Christ in their moments of weakness. 1 Corinthians 12:9-11…
GoodLion Ministries
January 25, 2021


In the last episode of the season, Corrie Jackson leads us through a conversation on creativity. Join us as we discuss why creativity and creative expression matter for us as created beings. - The Good Voice Collective is a part of the GoodLion podcast network, and is produced by the GoodLion interns. Our goal is to give young Christ followers a platform to use their voices for good. --- Send in a voice message:
GoodLion Ministries
December 21, 2020

Knowing God’s Will

Kai Wilbanks shares a short devotional on what it means to know God’s will and follow it even in the mundane, and then Aaron Salvato and the rest of the interns join in for a discussion on the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
GoodLion Ministries
November 30, 2020