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Wake Up To The Love – Resisting Apathy pt.2

Part 2 of GoodLion's series on "Resisting Apathy." The first step to waking up from the slumber of apathy is recognizing God's story and where we find our place in it. But the next thing we need to discover is the love of God. The love of God is one of the most central themes in the entire Scriptures and could be argued to be the true meaning of life. Despite this, so many Christians…
GoodLion Ministries
September 22, 2022

How To Break Free From Apathy – Uche Anizor | Apathy Series pt.2

In this episode, Aaron speaks with professor Uche Anizor, author of the book "Overcoming Apathy: Gospel Hope for Those Who Struggle to Care". They discuss the struggle many church kids face, namely, growing up in a Christian environment and feeling "on fire for God", and then developing apathy in their college years and drifting to a state of complacency. Uche offers some great guidance on what can be done to resist and break free from…
GoodLion Ministries
September 14, 2022

Wake Up To The Story – Resisting Apathy pt.1

Part one of a new series by GoodLion Ministries called "Resisting Apathy". Aaron and Brian speak into the problem of apathy in the Christian life, noting how it is a problem that is born out of complacency and a disconnect from the Christ. Christian apathy is defined as a lack of interest or concern for the things of God. It is a problem that plagues the church and keeps people from truly following Jesus. As…
GoodLion Ministries
September 7, 2022

Is the Bible The Word of God, or is Jesus? – Evan Wickham

Years ago I heard one of my mentors, Evan Wickham, use a phrase I found compelling. He said: "Jesus is what God has to say." It was powerful and it stuck with me. Over the years I've been mulling over this phrase and thinking about how it intersects with one of the debates that's being had within Christianity about the concept of “the word of God.” Some people insist the Bible is the word of…
GoodLion Ministries
August 22, 2022

Community – A Mess Worth Making

Brian Higgins shares with us about the necessity of community in the Christian life. We are currently living through a post-pandemic cultural moment where many Christians are finding it hard to regain community. We also know many young people who've graduated out of youth group and now are trying to navigate their 20s also struggle greatly to find community. It can be easy to give up. In this episode we want to share with you…
GoodLion Ministries
August 16, 2022

Can a Sin Be Unforgivable?

Is it possible for a sin to be so bad that Jesus himself can never forgive you? This is a question that’s haunted many Christians, especially in light of the scriptural passage on the “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.” What does all of this mean? Today on the GoodLion podcast, we explore the answer.
GoodLion Ministries
August 9, 2022

Mission Drift, Political Extremes, and Wisdom in the Negative World – Mike Doyle

In a cultural moment that is growing hostile towards the Church, it's becoming easier than ever for Christians to slip into mission drift. “Without careful attention, faith-based organizations will inevitably drift from their founding mission. It’s that simple. It will happen.” - Peter Greer Out of defensiveness and self preservation, it can become easy for us to turn our mission field into a battle field, where the focus and goal shifts from reaching the lost…
GoodLion Ministries
August 1, 2022

Tim Keller, the War on Winsomeness, & Responding to the “Negative World.”

Many Christians now sense the world has shifted. While culture was once positive towards Christianity, we now see a world that has shifted from openess, to indifference, and now hostility. A negative world. Which begs the question... how do we respond to this idea of the negative world? How do we adapt? How do we avoid negative responses that hold us back from our mission, and focus on the kind of response that makes a…
GoodLion Ministries
July 19, 2022

Abortion, Christians, & The Value of a Life (with Ryan Lynn) / Rebroadcast

Abortion is a hot button topic that is often debated by both Christians and non Christians. Ryan Lynn (Founder of the Speak Life Collective) is here to challenge us on how we can think through this divisive topic as followers of Christ. In this discussion, Aaron and Brian dialogue with Ryan about the value of an unborn life, how to respond to those who hold pro-choice views, what it means to be pro-life, the ethics…
GoodLion Ministries
June 25, 2022

Living In The Negative World – (Mike Doyle)

Throughout our lives many of us have heard older generations harken back to a time when Christians were accepted, praised, and embraced by the culture. Everyone went to Church on sundays. People seemed to hold a Christian worldview and morality, and it was rare to find someone who didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell. A world that was positive towards Christians. Some people my age remember a more neutral world, where Christianity was seen as…