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Compassionate Sexual Orthodoxy – Pieter Valk Pt 1: Navigating Brokenness, Shame, and Helping LGBT People Turn To Jesus

Pieter Valk joins Aaron Salvato for a very intriguing conversation on sexuality. Pieter is a same-sex attracted Christian and ministry leader who is also committed to the historic Christian sexual ethic. This is a challenging path to walk, as it requires faithfulness and obedience to the teachings of Jesus around sexuality, often leading to a life of singleness and celibacy. In this episode, we will dive deep into Pieter's journey and discuss the complexities of his beliefs.

We will explore the theology of sexual temptation and how it relates to same-sex attraction. Pieter will share his personal experiences and offer practical wisdom on how we can love and support those who are struggling with this issue. We will dive deep into the topic of sexual brokenness and how it effects everyone, no matter their orientation. We will also answer a very challenging question: does God intend for people to experience same-sex attraction? This is a difficult and often controversial topic, but Pieter approaches it with compassion and grace.

Pieter's unique perspective challenges the modern narratives around LGBTQ issues and offers a fresh perspective. In this two-part series, we will discuss Pieter's ministry and his heart for the Church to create a more compassionate and faithful community pursuing orthodoxy and the Way of Jesus together, no matter what our sexual struggles are.

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