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Debate: Without the Serpent, Would Adam and Eve Still have Sinned? | Brian Higgins & Aaron Salvato

By April 8, 2024Uncategorized

In this episode (Part 2 in our series on the nature of Sin and Hell), Brian and I do something we rarely do – we disagree. We dive into the question: If the serpent hadn’t shown up in Eden, would Adam and Eve have still sinned?

It’s a thought-provoking debate that not only questions the inevitability of sin but also challenges us to consider the dynamics of temptation and will.

But our conversation doesn’t stop there. We go beyond the debate to explore the broader implications of the Fall. How does this event shape our understanding of redemption, grace, and our journey with God?

We’re talking about the big stuff here – human nature, divine providence, and the complexities of our relationship with the Almighty.

Join Brian and I as we navigate this respectful yet spirited debate. It’s a journey back to the Garden of Eden, exploring, questioning, and learning together. Tune in and be a part of this enriching conversation!

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Intro (00:00:00)

The Debate: Would Adam and Eve Still Sin Without The Serpent? (00:00:58)

Brian: Yes Because of Human Curiosity (00:01:11)

Aaron: No Because of Human Innocence (00:03:39)

The Consequences of Rebellion: A Deeper Look (00:09:53)

The Role of Rebellion in Sin: A Conclusion (00:11:44)

The Parenting Analogy: Understanding God’s Perspective on Sin (00:13:55)

God’s Response to Deliberate Rebellion (00:20:07)

The Hope in the Midst of Sin: A Gospel Presentation (00:30:22)

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