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Gerry Breshears: Did the Father forsake Jesus on the Cross? (and other questions about atonement.)

Prof Gerry Breshears is back for his record breaking 3rd time on the show! In this episode we dive into the debate swirling around PSA (Penal Substitutionary Atonement) and ask Gerry all the hard questions!

In this episode we cover:

  • What exactly is PSA, and why do so many Christians disagree about it?
  • Can you defend PSA Biblically? 
  • What exactly happened on the Cross? What was the Trinity doing?
  • Are the classic song lyrics correct? Did the Father turn his face away from Jesus on the Cross?
  • Was Jesus forsaken on the Cross?
  • Bonus: Which atonement theory does Gerry prefer?
  • And: How can our understanding of the atonement impact our preaching to young people / postmoderns / deconstructionists?

Note from Aaron: The idea for this episode has been sitting in my brain for almost 7 years… back when I read a post from my friend and pastor Evan Wickham about his convo with Gerry about the atonement. The insights blew my mind then, and I hope they blow your mind now!

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