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Hell In The Heart – Unmasking the Roots of Sin and Suffering

By April 29, 2024Uncategorized

As we continue this series of talks on sin and Hell, originally delivered by Aaron Salvato at the Good Lion School of Discipleship, we will explore the daunting idea that hell can, in a way, manifest here and now, through our actions and inactions. 😨

How do personal sins contribute not only to our individual downfalls but also to societal injustices that echo the horrors of hell? 🤔

Join us as we unpack these complex themes, challenging ourselves to recognize and uproot the sin within our own lives. 🌱

Pulling from insights from Joshua Ryan Butler’s book, the Skeletons in God’s Closet, we take a closer look at the ways Hell can take root in our hearts. 📖

And stay tuned, as in our next episode, we will address questions from our listeners, shedding further light on this dark yet vital topic. 💡

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