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Q&A: Divine Justine & The Fear of Hell?

By May 6, 2024Uncategorized

In this episode of the GoodLion Podcast, we navigate the delicate intersection between the terrifying specter of hell and the radiant hope found in Christ.

In this special “Ask Good Lion” segment, host Pastor Aaron Salvato explores the questions surrounding the fear of hell and how it interacts with divine justice.

We first delve into how Christians can confront the concept of hell without succumbing to paralyzing fear, finding solace in the boundless mercy and love of Jesus.

The journey continues as we unravel the idea of divine justice: If hell wasn’t made for humans, why do some people still end up there, and how do their choices affect this cosmic narrative? 🌠

Join us as Pastor Aaron tackles these profound and weighty topics with grace and wisdom, providing a glimpse of hope amidst the shadows.

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