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Love & Holiness – The Character of Yahweh (2nd Hand Seminary) | Jon Markey, Austin Palmer, & Johnny Golightly

In this episode, host Aaron Salvato and three of his classmates from Western seminary sit down to discuss theological concepts surrounding the love and holiness of God’s character. Aaron frames this episode as an experience of”secondhand seminary”, a gateway into learning and diving deeper into one’s faith. Aaron explains that historically, this concept has helped him grow in his walk with Christ through listening to friends and mentors who attended seminary share the things they were learning: “It would inspire me to go read some of the books that they were reading or listen to some of the lectures from theologians that they were benefiting from. I called it second-hand seminary, and it massively helped me grow as a young pastor.”

Aaron and his classmates, Johnny Golightly, Jon Markey, and Austin Palmer, are part of a cohort led by Professor Gerry Breshears, whom Aaron describes as “one of the best theological minds of our time! Gerry is a jedi master… a founding board member of the Bible Project and a longtime theology professor at Western seminar… despite his vast knowledge, he’s a humble and intensely caring prof who pushes his students to dive deeper and fall more in love with Jesus!”

Although Aaron and his classmates had hoped to make this a multiple part series, they were not able to due to their busy schedules. Despite this, we believe that this episode still contains a lot of great conversation that will give listeners an opportunity to be a fly on the wall listening in to a conversation between seminary students sharing ideas about the faith, the character of God, and the way of Jesus.

If you’re interested in deepening your faith and learning more about the love and holiness of God’s character, this episode is for you!



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