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Navigating Change – With Sarah Yardley

Most people struggle with change. When we go through major change in a short period of time, it can easily overwhelm us. Learning to navigate change well is crucial to follow Jesus well in a constantly changing world. In this episode, Aaron and Brian sit down with Sarah Yardley, Mission and Ministry Lead at Creation Fest UK and author of MORE > Change: Navigating Change With An Unchanging God. Sarah’s life story has included a lot of change. She’s served in multiple churches in southern California before sensing God calling her to move to Cornwall, England. That move came with massive change and taught her more about walking with God through change. In this conversation, Aaron and Brian ask some practical questions about how to deal with change, get honest about they ways they’ve struggled with change, and look to find a stability in Jesus in a world that constantly throws change our way. We hope this episode gives you tools and thought processes that help you center on Jesus even when everything around you is changing. We’re so glad you could join us for this conversation. You’re listening to the GoodLion Podcast!

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