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Navigating The Highs and Lows of Faith – Why do I feel close to Jesus one day, and distant the next?

Aaron and Brian take some time to answer a great question from a friend: “Why do I feel closer than ever to Jesus one day, and then other days I feel so distant I hardly remember I’m a Christian?”

We believe this is a real, raw, and valid question that gets to the heart of what so many Christ-followers face: the roller coaster of faith. We would be the first to admit, we have experienced this struggle ourselves!

In this episode we want to help you face this challenge, and help you understand how to navigate the highs and lows of faith. Following Jesus is a slow, steady practice of long obedience in the same direction. It will not always feel the same. Discipleship is key! Our hope is this episode helps you on your path with Jesus.

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