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People of Peace in the Midst of a Culture War

By July 27, 2020February 8th, 2024GoodLion Podcast

In this episode, Brian and Aaron discuss the reality of “Cultural Pharisees”. At one time, Conservative Christians were seen as the strict moralists of the day, but currently, we see some of the same legalism on the left (a concept we shamelessly stole from Mark Sayers). We discuss the need for Christians to be people of peace in the midst of rapidly changing cultural landscapes and culture wars. We also explore the necessity for Christians who hold non-affirming theology (regarding LGBT issues) to do so with love, grace, and compassion, and discuss some hopeful stories about how to do just that. Also… we take a strange turn into how to talk to white supremacists about Jesus!? All this and more on this episode of the GoodLion Podcast.

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Check out the full episode of “This Cultural Moment” that we referenced, a great convo between John Mark Comer and Mark Sayers entitled Progressives as The New Pharisees and The Immorality of The Christian Sex Ethic

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