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PodClass – The Problem of Objectification | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 1

By October 26, 2019February 12th, 2024GoodLion Podcast

We are introducing a new project for the GoodLion podcast network: the GoodLion PodClass! We gather students in a classroom environment to discuss important theological subjects. Our first subject will be fighting sexual objectification as the church.

Show Notes:

We’d like to thank Joshua Ryan Butler for his writings on Hell and others topics, If you’d like to go deeper into his views check out his fantastic book Skeleton’s in God’s closet

We’d also like to thank Jefferson Bethke, we used a lot of his material in our research, if you’d like to check that out search for Jefferson Bethkes great talk he gave at the Q Ideas conference entitled: What Is My Role In The Objectification Of Women? 

We hope that this class has been helpful to you, and we’d like to produce many more! If you want to support the work, check out

Also, if this episode has stirred up any questions in you, we’d love to do a QNA episode responding to your questions in this series, so you can send a question to our instagram account, or send an email to

The GoodLion Podclass is a production of the CGN/Calvary Global Network and Hesed Creative. 

We are a nonprofit podcasting ministry run by a team of volunteers that seeks to bring quality, Jesus focused content to the body of Christ. 

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Thanks guys, and remember, never stop learning! 

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