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Responding To Tough Pushback Around Christian Sexual Ethics | Pieter Valk – Pt 2: “Is Gay Sin Worse Than Straight Sin?” and More Challenging Questions From Pastors.

This episode is the second part of an interview with Pieter Valk. In part one of the interview, Pieter laid out his heart and his vision for helping gay people follow Jesus and find love, support, and belonging within the church while adhering to the theological orthodoxy and commitment to the historic Christian sexual ethic of God's design for marriage and sex between one man and one woman.

In this episode, Pieter addresses some pushback and questions he has received, not just in general, but specifically from pastors and leaders. Pieter answers with truth, grace, and love.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • How does Pieter handle people being skeptical about his ministry because of his sexuality?
  • How does Pieter respond to pushback against the side B sexuality movement, which sometimes lionizes the gay identity and propping up gay Christians to almost a celebrity status?
  • Is gay sexual sin is worse than straight sexual sin?
  • Why does Pieter uses the term ”gay Christian” at times, and what does he say to those who would say the term is misleading or stumbling?
  • How do we Model what it looks like for two ministry leaders to disagree on something in a way that's gracious and an example of iron sharpening iron?

Overall, the conversation is a phenomenal one! We really hope it blesses and encourages you as you follow Jesus and try to make an impact in the culture for His Kingdom.

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