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What IS the Kingdom of Heaven? | Advancing the Kingdom – GoodLion Theology Class #1

Welcome to the GoodLion theology class, a brand new segment on the show where we bring you rich theological lessons and thoughtful discussions with our students! In part one of our 6 part mini series on “Advancing the Kingdom of God”, Aaron Salvato teaches a lesson on defining what the Kingdom of Heaven actually is. If we are going to understand HOW to advance God’s Kingdom, we need to actually grasp WHAT it is, and what it isn’t! Aaron walks us through a theological framework for how we can understand the Kingdom, setting the stage for the next 5 lessons. Students and CGN/GoodLion interns Julianne Foster and Kai Willbanks join in on the discussion, bringing some great questions.

In this class we look at questions like

  • When Jesus taught us to pray “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven, what did He mean?
  • Should Christians focus on Heaven, or Earth?
  • How can we begin to advance the Kingdom?
  • What part does prayer play in this mission?
  • And more!

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