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A Raw Conversation On Sex Scenes, Christians, and Media – (GoodLion Classic Episode)

Welcome to a classic two-part episode of The GoodLion Podcast! It's a marathon not a sprint as Brian and Aaron dive into the complex issue of violence, sex and nudity in media.

The popular show Game of Thrones sparked many conversations about how Christians should consume media with sex scenes. These episodes, recorded in 2019, tackle that debate head on with nuance, depth and understanding.

Brian and Aaron explore whether Christians should watch sex scenes and potential impacts on the soul. They discuss the complex factors at play, from Biblical principles to practical effects on one's heart and mind.

While some argued for a simple ”yes it's sin” approach, our hosts Brian and Aaron believe complex issues deserve complex conversations.
These episodes mark a turning point in the show where Aaron and Brian found their groove as co-hosts, leaning into the heart of The GoodLion mission – seeking answers to complicated issues while avoiding simplistic responses. As Aaron points out, one of our guiding mantras has always been ”no easy answers,” drawing us to dive deep and point listeners to the God who is not safe, but who is very good.

We hope these classic episodes spark meaningful discussion and thought-provoking reflection as you wrestle with how to engage media in a way that honors God and your conscience. Brian and Aaron hope these episodes speak to you, challenge you and ultimately point you to how to follow Christ well in our postmodern culture.

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