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Can Wrath Be Redemptive? | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p3

As we wrestle through the tough questions raised by Covid-19, we begin to look at the topic of God’s wrath. Could God be the one behind this pandemic? Is it a sign of His wrath? What even IS wrath? We see clear examples of God judging people harshly all throughout scripture, especially in the Old Testament. What is the purpose of wrath? Mere crime and punishment? God getting angry and doing something about it? Or could it be possible that God’s wrath actually plays an extremely important role in the story of redemptive history? Is it possible that God’s wrath flows not only out of His anger at sin, but perhaps even more so from His love for the world? Aaron and Brian take some time to discuss and dialogue about this issue that is incredibly important to the Christian life and our understanding of God and His character.

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