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Doubt & Deconstruction: Ministering to the Next Generation with Compassion and Grace (Nick Cady & Aaron Salvato)

Hey folks, I am super excited to share with you the full audio of a workshop that Nick Cady and I put together for CGN. In this workshop, we dive deep into the topic of doubt and deconstruction.

The goal of this workshop is to help Christians and ministry leaders understand this issue from an informed, compassionate, and measured perspective. The reality is a lot of people are struggling, and we need to work hard to understand the why.

(Note: To anyone who follows me who is not a Christian, or is a former Christian who has now deconstructed, please understand you’re not the target audience for this, but if you watch my hope Is that you’d see the heart in trying to help people understand so they can help! Feel free to DM me if it sparks anything you’d want to discuss. I’m always open.)

We understand that doubt is a common experience and can be challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to ministering to the next generation. In this workshop, we aim to provide insights and practical strategies to help ministry leaders engage with and support individuals going through doubt and deconstruction.

Here are some of the key points we will cover:

1. The personal significance of doubt: We both share our own experiences of doubt and how it led us to deeper exploration and growth.

2. Understanding the next generation: We explore the unique challenges young people face today and how doubt and deconstruction often play a significant role in their faith journey.

3. The impact of doubt on ministry: We discuss the heartbreak and challenges that ministry leaders face when helping individuals navigate doubt and provide guidance on how to address their questions and concerns.

4. The process of doubt and deconstruction: We unpack the definitions of doubt and deconstruction, highlighting the different stages and dynamics involved, and explore why understanding their origins is essential.

5. Practical application for helping those who struggle with doubt and deconstruction navigate these complex waters.

We sincerely hope this workshop blesses you and enriches your ministry! If you have any feedback, you can leave us comments on the episode on Spotify, or send us an email at

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