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Getting Honest About Depression and the Christian Church – With Wesley Towne (Classic GoodLion Episode)

Join Aaron and Brian as they tackle one of the hardest topics facing Christians and the church today: depression. In this honest and illuminating episode, they sit down with pastor Wesley Towne who has spent years ministering to those struggling with mental illness.

This episode was recorded shortly after the tragic loss of Pastor Jared Wilson, bringing the topics of depression and struggle into sharp focus. Wesley shares openly about his own journey, helping remove some of the stigma that prevents many Christians from facing mental health issues.

Aaron, Brian and Wesley tackle some tough questions with compassion: What does depression really look like for believers? How has the church both helped and hindered those struggling? And ultimately, what hope can we find in Jesus for those in the midst of these battles?

This episode pulls no punches, offering wisdom and insight from someone who has walked this path. We pray Wesley's transparency and perspective provides both comfort and challenge – reminding us that in sharing our struggles, we find the healing we seek in community.

Join us for this honest encounter with a subject that affects so many.

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