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Is God Allowing Suffering Just As Bad As Him Causing It?

When God made the world, he called it good… and yet when we look at the world today, a lot of times it doesn’t really seem very good. It’s filled with pandemics and violence and racism and division. And that’s just this year, when we look back at human history, it is filled with all kinds of terrible things. We’ve talked to on this podcast about whether or not God causes evil, and while we recommend you go back and listen to those past episodes, our short answer was no, God doesn’t cause evil, but he does allow it. Like with most areas of theology, when one question gets answered a thousand more troubling questions seem to rise up behind it. 

So if God doesn’t allow evil, Isn’t that really just as bad as him causing it? How can a good God allow evil to happen? If He allows it, is that really any better than him causing the evil in the first place?

Aaron and Brian dive deep into this question on the GoodLion Podcast.

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