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Learning From Jesus: The Wisdom Warrior (Michael Bowles)

Michael Bowles returns with fresh insight on the ancient motif of the wisdom warrior. As Aaron and Michael discuss, Michael traces the wisdom warrior path embodied by exilic prophets like Jeremiah and Daniel who navigated Babylonian captivity through wisdom above violence. Michael reveals how Jesus, the ultimate Wisdom Warrior, defeated Satan through the weapon of truth and the victory of the cross.

Aaron and Michael discuss how seeking wisdom instead of vengeance transforms how we engage cultural conflict. They reflect on how Jesus deployed logic, reason, humility and surrender rather than force as core tactics of His nonviolent resistance. Michael reveals how wisdom warriors combat injustice through yielding fully to God's peace.

Learn to cultivate wisdom in daily life from the original Wisdom Warrior, Jesus. Michael teaches us wisdom warrior tactics: be calm in conflict, seek to end fights before they start, return good for evil and appear weak yet remain protected by God.

Thought we wrestle with how to fight today's battles… Jesus' shows us His weapon of peace rather than a spirit of vengeance. Michael shows how daily wisdom begins with surrendering to God's alternative path of Shalom through the cross of Christ.

Jesus, the true Wisdom Warrior, calls us to lay down our swords and take up His weapon of wisdom to make peace.

Enter the realm of the wisdom warrior on this thought-provoking conversation with guest Michael Bowles as he traces the motif from Old Testament types to its fulfillment in the ultimate Wisdom Warrior, Jesus Christ.


Michael is a California transplant living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Lauren, their son Cove, and daughter Cambria. Prior to the move, Michael served as a pastor in Los Angeles for seven years, working in various capacities including pioneering new faith communities and pastoring youth and young adults. Currently, he works for the gospel-centered transitional housing provider ABSOLUTE Ministries and serves on the worship and teaching teams at Stone Church Auburn.

Michael is also a fellow thinker at Western Seminary in Portland and runs a blog titled Along the Road, where he shares his theological reflections, biblical insights, and cultural commentary. He offers a perspective of a God who is FOR humans and the natural world, assuming the posture of a fellow traveler on the journey of life.

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