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Living In The Negative World – (Mike Doyle)

Throughout our lives many of us have heard older generations harken back to a time when Christians were accepted, praised, and embraced by the culture.

Everyone went to Church on sundays. People seemed to hold a Christian worldview and morality, and it was rare to find someone who didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell. A world that was positive towards Christians.

Some people my age remember a more neutral world, where Christianity was seen as one of many belief systems free thinkers could choose from.

But today, many are talking about the negative world, a shift where the views of the culture have become much more hostile against Christians.

Do these views have validity, or are they an overblown exaggeration? What does this mean for the Church? And how can we react to it in a way that’s true with who we are as Christ followers?

Today on the GoodLion Podcast, I sit down with Mike Doyle, founder and lead pastor of Movement Church in NYC, to chat about this complex issue. Later in the episode I’ll be joined by Brian Higgins to dive further into how we can respond to this concept.

I really enjoyed these convos, and as This episode is the first of a 3 part series on the Negative World, there will be more good convos to come.

We hope it helps you think and consider how to walk wisely as a Jesus follower, and to consider the ways the world is changing, but also how our mission as Christians never changes.

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