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Re-Centering on Jesus: Purpose, Hope, and Regaining Childlike Wonder | Brian Higgins & Aaron Salvato

By September 4, 2023Uncategorized
In this episode, Brian and Aaron reuinite after a long time off from recording together. The 2 friends help each other rekindle their fervor for Jesus and share their journey with the listeners. Amidst the bustle of their lives, which includes navigating changes in their careers, evolving responsibilities in parenthood, and returning to local ministry work, they delve into the question of how to maintain a genuine connection with Jesus. They reflect on their experiences, the transformations they’ve undergone, and how their faith has played a crucial role in all these. 
Throughout the episode, they discuss the challenge so many people in ministry face: keeping your eyes fixed on Christ in the middle of of creating weekly church services, crafting meaningful content, and the pitfalls of.being a ‘professional Christian.’ They also examine the transformative power of the Gospel and the importance of reminding ourselves of it regularly. As they share their experiences, they underscore the role of Jesus in guiding us through life’s challenges and inviting us into deeper relationships and responsibilities. 
They also share about how easy it is to lose your childlike sense of faith / wonder, and how Jesus calls us to reclaim it.
This episode is aimed to help listeners reconnect with Jesus, to serve as a reminder of His teachings, and to inspire them to keep their faith strong in the face of life’s changes. Tune in for a heartfelt chat about faith, change, and navigating life with Jesus at the center.

Topics Covered: 
🙏 Maintaining Connection with Jesus amidst Life’s Changes 
💡Adapting to Change: A Discourse on Faith and Responsibility 
🤖Will we be replaced by AI robots!?
🎙️The Pressure of Creating Weekly Church Services 
📖 The Transformative Power of the Gospel 
🤱Parenthood and Faith 
🎈Regaining Childlike Wonder in Faith

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