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Returning To The King – Do you see Him merely as Savior… or as Lord? | Brian Higgins & Aaron Salvato

As followers of Jesus, we often begin our journey with a fairly simplistic view of who He is – a divine savior who absolves us of our sins and provides a comforting presence in our lives. But as our faith deepens, we start to realize that there’s so much more to Him. 

In this episode Aaron and Brian dive into the transformational journey of understanding Jesus beyond the role of Savior and embracing Him as Lord. Drawing from their personal experiences and the lessons they’ve learned over the years, they invite you to explore the possibility of reacquainting yourself with Jesus, particularly during changing circumstances, and deepening your relationship with Him. 

This episode will take you on a journey from seeing Jesus merely as a problem solver to recognizing Him as a King fighting for His kingdom. The true path is a life centered around His mission, not just your own. 

Through their candid conversation, Aaron and Brian aim to help you see Jesus as a generous King, leading us to live lives of service and community, and not just as a figure of divine intervention during our struggles. 

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from Jesus, this episode is a reminder that He’s not just your personal Savior, but a King whose mission should be at the center of our lives. We hope this episode helps you strengthen your divine bond and help you see Jesus in a new light!

Topics covered:

📖 The ways people who grow up in the Church view Jesus.

👑 The Power of Understanding Jesus as King 

🔗 Reconnecting With Jesus Amid Changing Circumstances 

💫 The Transformational Journey of Understanding Jesus Beyond Problem Solving

🙏 Practical Steps to Connect With Jesus 

📚 🗺️ A Roadmap for Connection with God / Insights from Scripture

💒 Building a Relationship with Jesus akin to a Marriage 

🌟 The Importance of Continuous Self-Reminders of the Gospel 

👥 The Role of Community in our Faith Journey 

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