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Serve Like Jesus

🎙️ Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, where our host, Aaron Salvato, digs deep into the heart of servanthood, inspired by the incredible actions of Jesus himself. As a powerful sermon Aaron shared at the Good Lion School of Discipleship, this episode guides us through the transformative power of humility and service. 

This is not about grand gestures, but about the beautiful, small, everyday acts of service that can profoundly change our lives and the lives of those around us. 

👣 As we delve into the teachings of Jesus, we find that service is about embracing humility and demonstrating love. In the quiet, unseen moments of everyday life, we have the opportunity to shine a light, serve others, and embody the teachings of Jesus. 

🙏 Wrapping up the episode, we’ll leave you with practical wisdom on how to weave these lessons into your daily life. You’ll be challenged to embrace the paradox of power found in servanthood and walk the transformative journey of humble service, just like Jesus did.

Topics Covered:

1️⃣ The Power of Servanthood 🙌

2️⃣ Jesus Took the Lowest Job 👣

3️⃣ Jesus Did What No One Expected Him to Do 🙏

4️⃣ Transformation Through Servanthood and Humility 🦋

5️⃣ The Power of Serving Others 💪

6️⃣ Serving Jesus in Everyday Life 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

7️⃣ Serving Jesus in the Home 🏠

8️⃣ Serving Jesus at Work 💼

9️⃣ Showing Christ’s Love to Coworkers 💗

🔟 Engaging with Culture 🌎

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