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Shame, Sin, & What Tim Mackie Taught Us About Righteousness – (Classic GoodLion Episode)

Aaron and Brian welcome you to revisit two early episodes from Season 1 that set out to deeply explore the meaning and importance of righteousness. These episodes were part of their initial ‘Righteousness’ mini-series where they sought to understand what righteousness truly means and how it should impact the lives of Jesus followers.

In Part 1, Aaron shares his reflections on righteousness and clips from Dr. Tim Mackie of the Bible Project that shed new light on its original Hebrew meaning. Hearing Tim's insights was a major revelation for Aaron that changed how he understood the concept.

In Part 2, Brian and Aaron are joined by pastor Bryan Stupar for a thought-provoking conversation about righteousness and how it relates to struggle with guilt and shame. They examine Jesus' interaction with the woman caught in adultery, seeking to apply the lessons to our own lives. Aaron also recounts a personal story that helped righteousness come alive for him in a fresh way.

Though the audio quality may not match their current podcast standards, Aaron believes the content remains powerfully relevant for listeners today.

So join Aaron and Brian on this nostalgic journey back to the first season of the GoodLion podcast as they explore two defining episodes in their quest to understand the true meaning of righteousness!

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