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Simple Obedience, Not Escapism | Advancing the Kingdom – GoodLion Theology Class #5

This world is not our home. It was never intended to be. We are pilgrims here on earth and we should live as such. The problem that has arisen is that many Christians have become escapists instead of pilgrims. They see the world as a hostile place, so they run and hide from it. No matter what our eschatology is, we must focus not on escapism, but on simple acts of obedience, which are the building bricks of the Kingdom! 

In part 5 of our class on “Advancing the Kingdom”, Aaron Salvato helps us see the power of simple acts of obedience when it comes to moving God’s Kingdom forward, and has a compelling discussion with students Zach & Ellie Owens, Sam Bucelli, and Emilia DiNatale. 

Class produced by Calvary Global Network (CGN).

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