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The Kingdom Advances Not by Force, But Through the Church | Advancing the Kingdom – GoodLion Theology Class #3

How does a Kingdom advance normally? Through the sword. Violence, war, and bloodshed. Jesus’ Kingdom is much different. The Kingdom of Heaven does not advance through the sword, but rather through something much more powerful: preaching and the Gospel. It advances in this way: by converting one soul after another.

In the Gospels, Jesus never employs violence to achieve his ends. His life and ministry model for us an ethic of non-violence. This is a hard mentality for us to accept, because we have been raised to see the world as a place where “might makes right”. Jesus turns this mentality on it’s head by showing us what true might and strength look like!

In part 3 of our class on “Advancing the Kingdom”, Aaron Salvato contrasts the way of violence with the way of Jesus, and has a great discussion with students Julianne Foster, Tim Cass, Zach Owens, and Kayla Reed!

Class produced by Calvary Global Network (CGN).

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