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Why Does Yahweh Seem So Angry in the Old Testament? – (GoodLion Classic Episode)

This week we're thrilled to revisit an important conversation with one of our longest-running and most cherished guests, Dr. Gerry Breshears.
Gerry, a beloved Seminary Professor and mentor to many, joins us again to wrestle with the difficult but essential topic of God's judgment and wrath. Our listeners know this is a subject close to Aaron and Brian's hearts, and Gerry provides his gracious yet challenging insights.
We examine how God's wrath in the Old Testament fits with His love in the New. We also look at Greg Boyd's cruciform hermeneutic, and Gerry helps us consider whether this is a helpful interpretive framework or if it raises concerns.
As always, Gerry's wisdom, humility and grace permeate the discussion as he guides our GoodLion community through these complex issues.
Whether you're wrestling with these hard questions for the first time or looking for a fresh perspective, this classic conversation with one of our longtime favorites is bound to stretch, encourage and inform.
Join us for another profound and provocative episode that aims to renew and reshape the way we see God.

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