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(Editor’s Note: This story was written by our podcasting director Aaron Salvato back in 2017 at Creationfest in Wadebridge England. Our hope is that it encourages you in your efforts to reach people for Jesus.)

There they were, 2 skaters.

One: brilliant, skeptical, questioning, yet thankful for the kind conversation.

The other: so very open to The Gospel and standing on the edge of salvation, waiting for a sign from God to help him make the plunge.

There were many others I talked to that day:

An agnostic boy with highly intelligent questions about science, politics, and religion.

A young girl who grew up in a Christian home but made a true decision for Christ at a youth camp a few weeks ago.

One boy wondering what plans God might have for him in the rap industry.

Another wonders how God can use his gift of dance for the Kingdom.

A lovely young couple asking for prayer for resisting temptation and honoring Jesus in their relationship.

3 middle schools girls pondering if God really has a plan for them (he does!).

A 17-year-old young man considering dedicating his life to serve others in youth ministry.

A 19-year-old girl from a Methodist church moving away from home, family, and security to serve at a church desperate for youth and children’s ministry workers.

These were all amazing conversations that I was so blessed to have at Creationfest, and now looking back it all, what I’d like to share with those reading this is: God’s spirit is in you.

He speaks through you if you let him. Every day there are Jesus-centered conversations waiting to happen, that not only helps others grow but help us grow as well.

Please fight the temptation to only talk about things on the surface.

Show up to your school, college, workplace and family gathers with the knowledge that God can and will use you to speak to others regarding the deep things of life. Step into that calling. It’s a calling we all have.

In my life, there has been nothing that has helped me grow more as a Christian than deep, meaningful conversations with Christ followers. I am eternally grateful to people who allowed themselves to be microphones for God to speak through to me.

I know a man who is a church planter now and the way he came to Christ was literally someone saying to him “Jesus loves you” and walking away. No word is too small or insignificant.

Just be willing to say it!

Go out this week and have some great conservations about Jesus. Speak light into the darkness.

All it takes is a willing heart.

Aaron Salvato

I am an itinerant pastor, former long-time youth pastor, host of the GoodLion Podcast, and director of the GoodLion School of Discipleship. I love Jesus and I love helping others know Him.

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